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To protect your cat effectively during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, you first need the relevant information that apply to you and your pet to make informed decisions about each other's care.

With that in mind, there are a few big universal tips that everyone can implement in their daily routine today to take precautions and stay extra protected.

Cat Owner in Bed Sick

Feeling Sick? 

Isolation is key to quarantine anyone that's affected by coronavirus. It's also a good idea to make sure you have a caretaker plan in place so that you can ensure your pet is taken care of and not exposed to any contagion while you recover.

With that said, there is currently no evidence to suggest that any pet is (or will be) negatively affected by the COVID-19 strain even if testing positive for the virus itself, but better safe than sorry.

To take extra precautions you may also want to wipe down and disinfect any shared surfaces like floors and countertops regularly with any of the following:

  • EPA-registered household disinfectant
  • 70%+ alcohol solution
  • Diluted bleach solution (5 Tbsp bleach + 1 gallon water / 4 tsp + 1 quart)

Just be aware that most of the above CDC-recommended solutions to guard against the coronavirus and other similar virii are not considered pet-safe. Separate your pet from the area while you clean until it is safe once again for them to return.

Cat Visiting the Vet

When Should You Call the Vet?

If you suspect that your pet might be sick, don't panic. Symptoms of typical species-specific coronaviruses in cats are usually stomach upset and diarrhea. The coronaviruses common to cats are not the same as COVID-19.

There is a small subset of felines that may have more adverse reactions to the species-specific coronavirus in their white blood cells that may additionally cause Feline Infectious Peritonitis, however, call and check with your local veterinarian for proper diagnosis and testing before assuming the worst. 

More Helpful Info

A Healthy Cat® is a happy cat. With the coronavirus spreading fast across the globe, what else do you need to know to keep you and your cat healthy and safe? 

Check out this video as another resource to help you navigate this challenging time:  

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Please leave us a comment if you find any inaccuracies or want us to include anything else you think might be important for other pet owners to be aware of as well.