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Adopting a new pet means coming home to a new best friend. It can be an enjoyable and fulfilling experience for everyone if you can choose the right pet for your lifestyle.

When adopting any new animal, consider their demeanor. Are they shy? Withdrawn? Curious? Excited?

Fear & Anxiety

Exposure to multiple caregivers over long periods of time can take a toll on any animal and often leaves them anxious and uncertain.¬†Cats are especially vulnerable to any change in their surrounding environment even if you're their first, second or 10th (ūüôÄ) owner.

It's important to be responsive to their needs to help them get comfortable with you. Consider and research if they will they need a short time to settle into their new home or if they'll require additional support healing from past trauma before trusting you?

Whatever the case may be, remember to be patient with your new furry friend. Let them come to you in their own time when they are ready to interact and engage. 

You are their family now¬†‚̧ԳŹ.

Cats adopted through an agency or shelter can often be fearful or anxious. If this applies to your situation, don't worry.

Your cat's current anxiety level is probably completely unrelated to anything that you've done and in time they will come around. Nothing some persistent TLC can't fix. 


Another important thing to consider when adopting a cat is their age. Since teenage cats and kittens are still developing, you'll have to live up to the "parent" in pet parent so get ready! When dealing with a growing kitty, their abundance of energy and potential need for litter box training can be tricky if you're not prepared.

Alternatively, senior cats tend to adapt to new environments much easier, and can be the best choice for those who want to simplify the adoption process.

It's not uncommon for adopted cats to be nervous or skittish when they are first introduced to a new home. A great way to calm their nerves while adding some healthy exercise into the mix - is through play. Dedicated play time close to their new owner will also strengthen their bond with you.

Healthy Cat 'n Pups¬ģ is a top-quality brand that offers cat toys and accessories you can use to¬†help your new pet get comfortable.

Make sure that your home is peaceful and serene. Cats are intuitive and can pick up on human emotions. If you're stressed, so is your cat. If there are rifts between you and other people in your home, it will also likely affect your pet's mood or behavior.

Dietary Needs

A healthy cat is one that gets the proper amount of exercise balanced with a quality diet.

Adopted cats often have very unbalanced diets due to constant relocation from one place (often a shelter) to another. To ensure that your cat maintains optimal health, consider feeding them raw cat food to help restore their body's natural processes.

Adoption Costs

Adopting a cat can be quite costly up front. It's important to be fully aware of what you'll be responsible for ahead of time so the new kitty will have a smooth transition into your home. This will also ensure that pet adoption is something you can take on as an additional expense in your life.

You'll need the following essential supplies to ensure your cat's long term health, safety, and happiness:

Cat Bed w/Scratch Fun


Cats will plop down for a quick snooze anywhere they can:

on your work papers, your laptop, or that box you thought you were saving to wrap your mom's Christmas present in.

Help guide them towards a designated comfy bed they can retire to when the time is right. 

Cat Playing with the HealthyCat¬ģ Vibrating Fish Toy

Toys (Our Specialty!)

The fun necessities for your furry friend.

One of our favorite toys is our very own interactive¬†Vibrating Fish¬†cat toy¬†ūüź†!

It comes in 3 fun colorful varieties (salmon, steelhead, and carp) and is catnip-infused to give your cat hours of humor, engagement and stress-free fun.

Cat Vet

Veterinary care

By far one of the most expensive - but necessary - parts of pet ownership is a trip to the vet and any treatments your cat needs that may pop up as a result.

You want your new friend to be active and feeling strong for as long as possible. If you're searching for the best local vet closest to you, check out this article from the AVMA's website so you know what to look for.

Cat Litter Box

Litter box

A good litter box is a MUST for your cat.

Even if they have been potty-trained in the past, there is no guarantee that they will instantly take to your home and it's always good to have a designated place for them to go to the bathroom as a back-up either way. 

Self-cleaning litter boxes have become all the rage for their cleanliness and ease of use, however, if you're on a budget any standard litter box will do.

Cats also love their privacy when doing their "duty", so shelling out a little extra for a covered litter box will help them relax and calm down. Covered boxes have the added benefit of preventing litter from escaping out of the sides of the box and can be easier for new owners to keep clean.

Cat Bowls

Food & water bowl

Your cat's favorite part of this article.

Studies have shown that bowls tilted between 15-30¬į like the HealthyCat¬ģ Tilt-a-Munch are better for¬†your cat's neck. However, at the end of the day if you're on a budget the material is all that matters.

Avoid plastic bowls in favor of ceramic, steel or glass to avoid any negative reactions from your cat. Also, separate water from food bowls to avoid any accidental spillage or get a dual bowl combo specially suited for the task.

Cat collar


While cats can roam your home without a collar, they are incredibly stealthy and often hide in the most inconspicuous of places.

To keep your pet safe, invest in a collar with a bell, or at the very least, a collar with identification tags attached. In case your cat ever gets lost, ID tags can help someone return them to you.

Depending on the climate you live in, you may also want to invest in flea and tick collars to keep your pet safe from bugs.

Some specialty collars come with GPS in case you want to keep track of your little roamer while they're out on the prowl but these are often a bit more costly.

Hard Cat Carrier  Soft Cat Carrier


A spacious pet carrier is necessary for vet visits and anytime you would like your cat to be your traveling companion.

A carrier will keep them safe while in motion, and although their meowing may seem never ending, they (and you) are really better off for it.

You can find both hard and soft-sided pet carriers. Hard-sided carriers provide additional protection and are considered safer overall.

Wellness Cat Food


A healthy and balanced diet through at least 1-2 meals per day is essential to prevent health issues later. 

Make sure to choose the right food by considering your cat's body weight and type. This can help create healthy cat digestion and inevitably lead to a better quality of life for your lovable furball.

Cat Brush

Grooming supplies

Depending on the breed of cat you have or are thinking about getting, the tools required to keep their fur maintained will be different.

Short-haired cats are the easiest to groom and you can use any standard brush.

If you have a long-haired breed (e.g.: Maine Coon, Persian etc.) a comb with teeth to brush through many layers of fur will be essential for longterm upkeep.


All of the above are unavoidable costs when it comes to pet adoption, but your new cat will undoubtedly thank you for all of the hard work spent staying in tune with their needs in their own special way. 


By following these tips & tricks, your future kitty will adapt to its new home safely and easily.

Continue educating yourself about best care practices for adopted cats so that you can provide an exceptional quality of life for your new pet going forward.