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About Us

HealthyCat® Toys Give Your Cat the Life They Deserve

We founded Healthy Cat 'n Pups® in Sacramento, California with the single goal to help support pets and their owners enjoy a quality and comfortable life together regardless of circumstance. 

Excess weight and ailments that come up as your pet naturally ages can lead to extended periods of inactivity and have a major impact on their well being longterm. It's a big concern and fear of every dog and cat owner out there.  


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HealthyCat® Vibrating Fish Toy 

We wanted to help you tackle the problem head on with products that will give your fur baby 🐈 the absolute best daily health routine to get back and stay on track.

We love them just the way they are, but maybe, just mayyybe we can also help them have a little more fun too! 

“We don’t leave anything to chance, always providing the absolute best so that every pet is finally free to just enjoy life.”

HealthyCat® Toys are Built w/ Love for You and Your Cat


You deserve to have your best friend around for as long as possible, and if we can help extend that time just a little longer 

We welcome the opportunity!  


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Built w/ 💚 for you and your pet